This is one I’ve been experimenting with lately.

I’ve been using this since it was forked. It hasn’t had activity in a bit though. It’s something to look at for sure, especially if they stick to their roadmap, it could be an interesting Joplin alternative.

I would hold off for the moment, though, until some thing stuff starts getting implemented, or activity starts up again.


So we’ve been testing this for a while now, we do like it. Would be nice if this worked though

As indicated in the issue, this is perhaps an issue with the fact that Quillpad doesn’t declare the Notification permission despite targeting Android 13:

As an example, you can see how Accrescent request this permission here:

This, combined with the fact that I’m not seeing a lot of very recent activity makes me think we should wait and see.

Thanks for the suggestion. I fixed the Reminders bug.
You can get the APK at Fix #109 · quillpad/quillpad@808804d · GitHub

Thanks for the consideration.

Any updates?

Here’s a review from Mar 4, 2023

I have someone who has been using this extensively. Kind of curious to know when 1.5 will be ready.

I do like the direction of this ie being able to “store markdown files in the device” and eventually eventually encryption.