Any private and secure weekly to-do list apps on Android?

Using a Pixel 6 with GrapheneOS.

I am looking to organize my life, starting with a weekly regimen of things I need to do. These things are chores, affairs, errands, etc that occur on a weekly basis (not a one-time event).

I wrote out the full regimen in bulleted form inside a text file and used that to create alarms throughout the week with the default clock app that ships with GrapheneOS (

But I am finding that this method is not as good as it could be had I used an actual app designed for this. Does anyone know of a private and secure app that can perform these things?

I dont want to create an account or have it cloud-connected, it just needs an import/export function in these regards. As for the actual usage of the app, I need a set & done function where each task reappears for the week so that I don’t have to re input it again.


I’ve been using Quillpad Quillpad - #3 by dngray which seems to work for me.

It’s a modern app under active development, unfortunately reminder functionality does not work currently.

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