Alternatives to IOS Reminders/Todoist?

I’m looking toward finding a checklist applications similar to Todoist or IOS Reminders that are more privacy respecting. I’ve been looking at Quire for awhile but was wondering if there are more private alternatives available for both windows and ios?

Did you find an alternative? I am looking for a privacy respecting todo app that has similar features as todoist.

I would say to look at this list of To Do List Apps and their Privacy Sections to find out whats right for you. For me, I’m trying out Quire for its simple and privacy oriented tos, as well as having (limited) reminder notifications in the free plan.

To update you regarding what I use, Quire has been for the most part, nice to use, however unfortunately I’ll be switching away from it soon. No due to any privacy concerns but rather a quirk of the service. There are gonna be limits to Quire that you will be forced to deal with, the most annoying being that you can’t set daily, monthly, or yearly reminders, just varying weekly reminders.

What made me leave was what it took to recover a bunch of tasks. In Quire, you aren’t able to create task right away. You must create a project under your “organization”, then you can add tasks to that project. Should you delete your project, you can recover it, if you’re a paid member. You have to spend at least $11 on their lowest-level subscription in order to recover a project, more than half of what todoist puts their lowest tier in.

It’s a shame, I did enjoy using the platform despite its limitations, and its simple, straightforward, and privacy-friendly privacy policy can be commended. However it’s clear with this pricing and their marketing that they are targeting businesses, not individuals. When asked on their feedback forums to provide a personal, individual subscription plan, people are forwarded to an inquiry form. It’s a good platform, but not for what I, or you (if you haven’t already tried this) are looking for. I’ll update the forum if I find an alternative that grabs my interest.

Potentially relevant thread in case of cross-platform solutions: Which todo list app do you use on android?

Things is my go-to, if not iOS Reminders. As far as I can tell, cloud/syncing is entirely disabled by default, until you create and log into an account with Cultured Code.

I use the stock iOS Reminders app with a self-hosted Radicale server.

Don’t laugh, but for personal stuff, I use a notepad and a pen…I have an alarm set every day for 6:00pm to remind me to look at the list and accomplish as much of it as possible.

At work, where privacy is impossible, I use TickTick.

Quick update regarding this. If you go to cancel your subscription, you do get the option to negotiate with Quire for a lower cost. I won’t be attempting this, however I do appreciate the willingness to help. The problems still stands that for individual users, the pricing could be better, and negotiating with sales to get a lower price is not only an opaque route to pursue (I only found this out after I signed in), but also out of the way, when for other services, you just need to sign up for an individual plan.

I also have found another potential alternative, Superlist, from the makers of Wunderlist (now Microsoft To Do). It’s very new (like released this February new), so anyone who prioritizes any kind of proved longevity to a service should look for other options. The feature set for a free plan looks kind of good. The only thing I am apprehensive on is the privacy policy. Someone else needs to tldr it for me cause reading it feels like information overload to me.

While reading up on Superlist via a Verge article, I also found Twos. They seem to have been around for at least 2 years, their privacy policy does state that they don’t sell your personal data. Their pricing structure is also nice, paying at most $2 to get some features like sublists permanently, there is no subscription structure which is cool for me.