Which todo list app do you use on android?

I have been searching for a modern looking todo app with notification reminders and should not have too many features. Recommend a foss todo app.


This will surely do the job!


I tried it just now. It’s UI seems old and has too many features. I can handle an old looking UI but it should be minimal.

I can tell you that I have tried them all and never found anything as good as tasks.org

I also use tasks.org

Tasks.org seems to work fine. It’s just that it have too much features that I don’t need and also seems the UI style is also old. But I’ll use it until I came across some better alternative. It’s a good app ngl.

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Tasks.org !!! Simple, full of feature, synchro online woth paid acciunt or to your own server.

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I’ve historically been into plaintext productivity (past user of Taskpaper when was still using Apple products) but now mostly use analog pen/paper.

When I’m wanting a digital solution for tasks, from FDroid, I have liked Markor which uses the todo.txt paradigm. I’ve also used Simpletask alongside Markor (since it can sync todo.txt tasks to the calendar). Sleek is available on Linux desktop if you are into Electron (I’m not). There are other app options for todo.txt as well.

Or, Orgzly, the outliner which uses orgmode format. If you don’t want to sync it with EMacs command line, then consider the GUI version of Emacs.

For syncing use Syncthing.

I usually return to paper/pen, though, and make myself rewrite my entire list weekly or so which forces decisionmaking on task viability (kind of like the Bullet Journal culling process).

I sync tasks.org with my nextcloud and it works a treat. That lets me connect it to the KDE calendar and get reminders about things.

I also greatly appreciate the location based reminders with it specifically for grocery shopping.

Thanks a lot for recommending tasks.org, however I have found the app I was looking for. It is tasky on f-droid. Would recommend it to anyone looking for modern and minimal todo list app.


Curious to know, of an Android-compatible task manager with end-to-end encrypted sync.

The only task manager I’ve come across that offers end-to-end encrypted sync as a feature is OmniFocus, which is not available as a native app on Android.