Syncing a to-do list

Hi all,

I currently use on my phone to manage my to-do list. It has sync capabilities, and I’d really love to use them. I’ve tried self-hosting sync options, but it wasn’t a good experience. I’d really like a way that’s:

  • Convenient to use
  • Won’t encounter data loss
  • Encrypted (only I can access my data)

Syncing with Planner and/or GNOME Endeavour, if possible, would be a plus. I’d also consider using a different method than entirely and using programs like Syncthing.

Let me know what you think would be best. Thanks!

Update: There’s surprisingly little good FOSS options in this area. I settled on Joplin with E2EE encrypted sync to various local and cloud storage services. It’s not ideal, as Joplin’s task management functionality is very basic and you may have to rely on proprietary clouds. But it’s a step up for me.

Proton recently announced upcoming task management features for their Proton Calendar, so that’s something to watch.