Todoist is sending user's PII to Google

I’ve just found out through a direct employee of Todoist that the company is sending the PII of their users to Google. They’ve confirmed that they’re sending Todo task titles, descriptions, and etc along with your login details and location details (IP) after interacting with the application. This is for the web-based version but it’s likely worse for the native mobile apps.

Their Privacy Policy is pretty vague around this, which prompted me to inquire further and now I have confirmation via the emails. I’m in the progress of migrating off of Todoist. But just wanted to let everyone know that it’s not privacy-friendly.

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The privacy policy is quite clear about this

They’re not clear about what specific information is being sent to Google. The way it’s worded could lead one to believe that all they are sending are basic analytics events with non-identifiable information, but they’re sending PII data with those events as well.

Maybe I’m missing it, but can you point out where they clearly identify what information is being sent to Google?

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ugh. yeah, i was mildly alarmed when i looked at their privacy policy a little while back. but knowing it goes to Google…i think i am going to migrate very soon.

can i ask what you are migrating to? i tried a couple apps without really finding one i really liked out there.

@purplecactus , I’ve moved years ago from todoist to “”. it’s an iopen source android application with tons of feature. I recommand it strongly. It can save all your todo locally, or synchronize them with a remote server. I use a locally hosted nextcloud to keep my tasks. The synchronization is a paid feature if obtaining the software from google play, but included if obtaining it from f-droid. If you pay for a subscription to unlock more features, you also get an online account to store your todo. I cannot talk about this online account as I never used it, if I need to access my todo from a computers, I use the nextcloud web interface for tasks.

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Just tried the demo of Features | Vikunja Cloud; they have a hosted plan and you can also self-host. Open source. Has a lot of the same features, too, definitely seems like a good option

thank you! I will have to give this a try as well. the only thing is I don’t use nextcloud already so it’d be a bit more work, but I’ll give it a shot

@purplecactus , if you just want to test the synchronization, or nextcloud web ui, just register an account in a free nextcloud instance on the web, like those at Sign Up - Nextcloud
nextcloud web ui is … very basic vs todoist. The app is great through. With time I have splitted how I save my tasks, Complex tasks that might use custom status, a lot of subtasks, or has a long duration goes to a project management platform, and smaller “todo” goes to my mobile. I have a custom sofwtare to synchroze some tasks from the project management to the simple todo from time to time, for smaller sub-tasks inside bigger tasks.

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appreciate it. i might have to go this route versus Vikunja bc i would prefer a great mobile app vs a great desktop app. But maybe I can use both and Vikunja will be able able to sync (it can import tasks from other platforms)? I will report back.

edit…vikunja is self hostable and can use CalDAV. so possible to use with it. I don’t know if EteSync can be used with it.

I am not super sure about how secure CalDAV is but there is this thread that suggests self-hosting vikunja and using CalDAV could be more secure than using the cloud service + CalDAV. Reddit - Dive into anything

other than that, Vikunja’s web app seems to work pretty well (I only did a quick demo) in mobile dimensions, and i was able to install it as a PWA on my phone. also, turns out they have an early version of a mobile app available too, I may try that.

i’m not sure about Vikunja’s encryption, if it has any at all.

Super Productivity should also be looked at: