Note-taking Android Apps with Stylus Support

I’m considering getting a Pixel Tablet (and use GrapheneOS) then getting a USI 2.0 stylus to do some note-taking with. Seems like a very private writing experience with the convenience that comes with digital notes. The problem is, I don’t know about any privacy-friendly notes options that have stylus support on Android. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Seriously we lack a good notes app in the privacy ecosystem.


Logseq could be your best bet. It has stylus/whiteboard feature in beta currently. I haven’t tried it myself since I don’t have a stylus.

I tried the app not too long ago, it’s usable if you’re OK with installing many plug-ins/ad-ons. I didn’t use it and went with Anytype(but no stylus support).


This looks really cool, thx!

Syncing seems nice:

Obsidian would be ideal if they decide to open source, here is the discussion:

I haven’t read the thread yet, if someone has, wouldn’t mind a TLDR.

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iirc the Obsidian team has made it clear that they won’t be open sourcing.

Regardless I still recommend Obsidian as a local note taking app, and all connections can be easily monitored or blocked with RethinkDNS. Additionally, you can sync between devices with Syncthing.

Obsidian has a popular plugin called excalidraw that would work well with a stylus. These drawings can be inlayed with regular notes too.

Admittadly this isn’t the most seamless experience, but it works for me where I like to type notes and then use excalidraw for diagrams.

Looks like a great option, thank you for this. It being local-first and only locking cloud syncing behind a paywall is great imo. I’ll check it out and see if it fits my use cases.

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Would it be possible to use Obsidian completely offline? I’m fine with using something proprietary and just toggling off the Network permission. It’s just that everything seems to require an account and internet to setup.

Last I used, it worked completely offline and all your notes are md files stored locally (can access with an explorer easily)

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As lepras said, it works entirely offline. I have internet connectivity disabled and all works well. I believe you may need internet connectivity to install plugins now that the plugin manager is built in, but I’d have to confirm. The plugins themselves are community made and opensource + moderated however, and either way they will work offline once installed.

Awesome, then I’ll be checking out both logseq and obsidian. Thanks for the help!

Im using qownnotes with a local synching with nextcloud bwtween computers. On mobike, there is the nextcloud note application wich works fine too. This combo will not have all feature od obsidian but works quite well too and stay local.