Obsidian vs Standard Notes?

Is Obsidian any good compared to paid Standard Notes?

I think Standard Notes doesn’t have a ‘link to a local note’ function.
Is there any other good reason to use Obsidian?

They are too different apps and vs could not be applied here, imho. Obsidian vs Markor. Standard Notes vs something else.

I use SN and am just curious if it’s worth using both.

I don’t know about the quality of Obsidian, but I personally wouldn’t use it because it is closed source. However, that’s just my personal preference :slight_smile:

Obsidian is absolutely different. It is very good markdown editor, not a typical notes app, but it is so powerful common person would not find it useful. While markdown language itself is phenomenal thing and Standard Notes do not support it, that does not mean Standard Notes is bad. I mentioned Markor, because it is also a notes app with markdown support (maybe think like Markor=Obsidian+Standard Notes-Shit), I use it daily and it is super awesome, while Standard Notes are just a simple notes app with some security features and online sync. Which is better? Markor is 200% better, but they do different tasks.

The core difference is that StandardNotes is handy for quick notes, while Obsidian lets you build a personal knowledge base.
Obsidian is probably the cream of the crop when it comes to “PKM” - personal knowledge management.

Both are markdown, but Obsidian stores the markdown files on your device, SN syncs them to the cloud, encrypted with your password.
Obsidian has linking and backlinking, connecting your notes as a graph. You are essentially creating your own wikipedia.

If you pay for Obsidian’s sync solution or can stomach setting up your own, I’d recommend giving it a fair shake.

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Interesting. I only use SN to store some sensitive data behind a password on android, even if I use markdown it won’t show me anything. But I quickly found this How do I use Markdown in my notes? I did not even knew SN has extensions…

“Any good” in what way? Privacy/security-wise, I think even now Standard Notes is on a different level to other notes apps. As a note-taking app? They’re different workflow-wise. Enough that the answer to which is better really depends on what exactly you’re looking for in one.