I think adding Obsidian under notebooks would be better addition. Even though it isn’t open Source.

It is a better tool and allows storing of data locally or syncing with other devices via Own Sync service (Encrypted, unsure if e2e).

Totally agreed.
I have been using Obsidian since early this year because I want to find a good MD note taking app (Easier for me to document my logs and journal). I have been using it to sync my notes across devices, and I’m impressed with the tool. I later discover the privacy function of the app so huge bonus for me as well :rocket:

What clippers do you use though ?

I am using Obsidian-Web in Chromium.

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I’m using Obsidian on my Mac and iPhone. It helped me review some notes for my codes. It’s an easy copy and paste from VSCode. I set up the sync Vault and then I can later access my notes at home or work.

What do you mean by the Sync Vault ?

Obsidian has the Obsidian Sync function that allows you to connect to your Vault from different devices.

Is it just Encrypted or End-to-End Encrypted ?

I think it’s Encrypted. They didn’t mention much on the website Obsidian Sync

They mention is as End-to-End Encrypted in their Pricing page.

But not anywhere else.


It’s like Joplin.
Sync is end-to-end encrypted, but there isn’t encryption at rest on your device.

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Joplin encrypts data at rest ?

No, Obsidian is like Joplin, there is no encryption at rest, for both.
Joplin you can’t lock the app with a code/biometric, Obsidian, I think it’s possible now.

I only know Standard Notes that does encryption at rest, and it’s on notesnook roadmap, but no ETA for now.

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