Trying to achieve a multi-platform digital diary and keeping it secure

Hi everyone, I’m using Obsidian as a software to manage a folder full of .md files and images, these files are basically my personal digital diary. Up to now I’ve just kept the folder inside iCloud so I can use Obsidian on all my devices… But as the diary grow and notes become more private, this isn’t sitting well with me, I want more privacy.

Ideally I would like to:

  • Have my folder with notes encrypted, accessible by only who posses a master password
  • Access that folder on all my devices
    Fore those familiar with obsidian, you may know that on iPhone you can’t use a vault that is not located on the iCloud folder of Obsidian. Anyway, I’m ok with using other markdown editors, the important thing is the ability to access my files on iPhone.

What I tried:

  • I tried cryptomator, basically it creates an encrypted folder that is stored on iCloud and I can decrypt it using basically every platform.
  • Can’t find anything else

I would like to know if cryptomator is the only solution for my use case, I’m ok with using it but I saw that file corruption is a thing with this app, for this reason I was looking into VeraCrypt but with it I would lose the ability to access files from my smartphone.

Any thoughts opinion? Apparently on the internet there’s basically no relevant posts/guides for a safe private digital journal, hope this post can be helpful. Thank’s

Edit: just discovered Apple Advanced Data Protection, which would solve ALL my problems (including having obsidian on iPhone). What are yout thoughts on this? Is it as secure as using something like Cryptomator? Thank’s