To people who have used both, how is Notesnook compared to Standard Notes UX-wise?

Notesnook’s pricing is very appealing compared to SN’s, but does it hold up user experience-wise?

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I had a lot of problems with the SN editor, i requested a refund and it was the same time NN turns OpenSource, i am using NN since then… Don’t know if SN has fixes the issues but I am happy with NN so far and the development/ support is fantastic.


As a disclaimer, I use neither of these notebooks as my primary note taking tool (I use Obsidian with my vault on a flashdrive)

In my experience, SN has been quite terrible UX wise. I requested a refund shortly after trying to use it as the centre of my notetaking workflow due to everything feeling clunky and quite buggy. I’ve checked back in with it numerous times since then, and sadly I haven’t really come back to any change.

Notesnook on the other hand, has been quite good actually. To me it doesn’t compare to the UX of Obsidian (perhaps partially because it is what I have been accustomed to), but it is absolutey usable. Their pricing is definitely their biggest selling point to me, and they tick all of my boxes for functionality, so I would 100% recommend Notesnook to someone looking for notetaking with syncing between devices.

Their UX is definitely not shy of SN’s, and I’d argue it feels a lot more polished.


I used NS and it may have its audience, but not me. Now I am a happy NN user.

As a side note, for E2EE type notebooks, it is recommended to do regular backups to avoid some special situations.

The feature I’m most looking forward to now is the note link, when this feature is available, I’ll be able to recommend it to my friends without any worries.

Used both. NN was better for me but i still don’t like it that much. It is pretty slow at startup and i still haven’t fully found my way in it thb. Lately i tested anytype but that’s a bit too confusing for me.

My study notes are in obsedian because of the referencing options. But also that wasn’t the best. I am am still looking for better options.

I got less sync errors in NN than in SN. Also, NN has free support for rich text and markdown formatting.


StandardNotes wins no doubt for me.

Never used Notesnook but i use Standard Notes (free version) on PC and mobile. It’s been more than a year now, nearly two that i use SN and it’s good enough for me, i have to say tho that if you have a note that have a lot of words, on mobile it will be really slow and i have a Pixel 7 like i press the letters to write a word and their will be a delay of like 2 or 3 sec before the word is written… That’s why i might check other notes editor like Obsidian or other but for now i like SN.