Which of these note-taking software is best for privacy, security and usability-accessibility, and why?

I am looking for a software to take notes in my day to day life.
Looking around, I have found Notesnook, Obsidian, Skiff Pages, Cryptee, Standard Notes and Logseq.
I know some of these are mentioned in your recommendations, but I’ve tried some that you don’t mention on my previous phones, and I’ve found no reason not to use them from a privacy and security point of view. Now that I’ve switched phones (to a Pixel 6, with Graphene), I’ve recreated everything I’ve been missing from switching to privacy-dedicated software (removing RRSS, which sadly is a hard problem to get rid of), but Graphene doesn’t come with a default notepad.
What do you recommend, and why not use the others?

Some of these have been covered in previous threads make sure to see:

Not currently open source: