Skiff Pages/Drive (Productivity Tools)

Another note:

Skiff Drive has every single feature in this list.

Moving this discussion from Skiff Mail because this absolutely has to be considered separately.

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Sounds good! Happy to contribute. I think separating is a very useful idea given the questions at hand.

Also, preemptively covering that we’ve built many export features for files (pdf, doc, markdown), folders, etc.


Yes, its looking quite good. I’d really like to see something officially about that audit so we can give it a higher ranking.

Just for interest, when about were you looking at doing that Cure53 audit you mentioned?

I believe the listing page is sorted alphabetically. It would be helpful to ensure consistency or clarify if different sections have different sorting methods.

After seeing the thread about Skiff mail and the lack of action regarding my original post about Cryptee, I am sadly beginning to question my trust in PrivacyGuide. At first, I never doubted their intention and even defended the team when others questioned the legitimacy of the listing. However, discovering the overlap between Techlore and PrivacyGuide’s teams, as well as Techlore’s interview with the founder, does not help.

Similar to the evaluation of Skiff, we should reevaluate and make an unbiased assessment of whether that product should be listed under Productivity tools for photos/videos and docs or under the Notebook section.

We thought about that, but there is inherent value in being top, so we try to put the things which have the most overall coverage towards the top.

We do plan on shuffling that about, but have been working on other things of late, translations etc.

That really has nothing to do with it.

We’re not saying it won’t be listed. If there was something we could link to regarding the audit/scope/when it took place and some of the source was in a tidier condition then we would certain give it preferential listing, as it would be a certainly a better product.

Worth noting that Skiff Pages/Drive is not open-source, which is another reason this has to be considered separately.

I agree with ranking things by features/recommendation/security

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