Free cloud storage options

I have been trying to find a good deal on free cloud storage options. I found a couple of services but would like a second opinion as to which would be the best case to store images, college documents, etc without compromising privacy. Couldn’t find extensive dicussions for the services either. The ones I found all seem to give about 10GB for free accounts:

Filen(Germany), Internxt(Spain), Mega(New Zealand), Koofr(Slovenia) and Skiff Drive(USA).

Would like some reviews from users of either services regarding their experiences and which should be worth using.

Edit: Just found Icedrive doesn’t do client side encryption on the free acounts so not counting it for comparision.

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Skiff Drive (which AFAIK is already approved on this forum) offers 10gb hosted on skiff

interestingly, they also allow hosting files on IPFS (, and after testing by uploading some files they are still encrypted as usual but don’t increase my storage usage.

This may be because the counter updates slowly, but for now it seems like just having a Skiff account and then setting your storage to IPFS in the settings does the trick for essentially unlimited encrypted cloud storage.

I will need to investigate more to have a conclusive answer.

Skiff does offer 10GB. My bad, forgot about it. Also I think only Skiff Mail is approved on this forum and not their drive service. I remember reading about a discussion somewhere and it was rejected due to being closed source if my memory serves me right.

just checked, mail is Open-Source and the drive clients currently aren’t from what I understood

You mention a lot of tools that for good reasons are not listed on the recommendations.

You should really refrain from using them and I don’t understand why you would want to do this.

If it is free usually you are the product. I would use Google or Microsoft before many of the options you list to be quite honest with you. Cloue storage doesn’t come free so you should question yourself why you want this and what you try to achieve. I can only recommend to just pay for one of the recommendations.

Why don’t you use Cryptomator which is suggested by PG?

Edit: Discussions about the products mentioned by you exist in GitHub, not on this forum.
For instance: Filen