PrivateStorage (Cloud Storage)

I have been using recently, and I enjoy it. I do not think it meets the existing minimum requirements (no trial/free plan or web interface), but given the team behind PrivateStorage it may still be worth considering (especially given lack of other options in the cloud storage section).

Seems to be using Tahoe-LAFS which once was om the website. I dont kniw where that was removed and why.

I had an initial look at this and it honestly has potential. If they release a mobile client it could become very viable choice.

Proton service, offers encrypted cloud storage. They should also be compatible with YuBi keys (physical encryption keys).

Or you can set up, your own server, with Raspberry Pi, or NASS, if you have time, and money for it.
There should be plenty of tutorials, on how to set this up, and make it secure.

This idea of “storage-time” pricing seems very interesting.

Even though I get a lot of storage from my Proton subscription, realistically I only using a fraction of it cos I don’t keep large-size media files in Proton Drive.

For people like me, it’d be very attractive to only pay for storage used, not a fixed monthly price.

I purchased a pCloud lifetime storage plan ( along with Cryptomator ( to keep my files client-side E2EE.

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