E2EE cloud storage question

I currently user cryptomator to store documents, photos etc on Google drive. Now that there are black friday sales going on I was thinking about purchasing some cloud storage.

My question is do I go with one of the recommended cloud providers, which wont work with crypotmator (but are E2EE already) or do I search out the best storage per dollar service that works with cryptomator?

Personally, my cloud storage needs are small. It is taking me multiple years to use up the free amount I get from Google Drive (15GB). Maybe its all moot, in this situation since the amount is so tiny, but I would still like to get some other opinions.

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if you’re looking to save money and you already have cryptomator, do as you please.

But, if you wish to support the projects that make privacy-friendly services possible as a default, I would urge you to spend a tiny bit on their services. ente is VERY competetive with their pricing - as in, comparatively cheap - and has file-storage in beta under https://locker.ente.io in addition to their flagship photo storage.

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It really boils down to how important metadata privacy is for you. If you just store personal documents that would never be of interest to the authorities you are probably fine with going the cheap route.
Do keep in mind that e.g. Google will data mine when you upload, from where, from which device etc.

1TB for 3.81 / month https://www.hetzner.com/storage/storage-box

Hetzner and OVH and similar usually ask for ID.


yeah makes sense. I think if I was in a position where I was trying to hide things from the authorities I would probably not use cloud storage as an option at all.

My use case for encrypting is more if an extra layer of security of my drive was compromised so that I could avoid my personal photos or tax documents being easily accessible.

In terms of what data google is grabbing when i upload, is this any different from what it has already gathered from having google drive installed on my device?

My threat model is low in terms of governments or third parties targeting myself or my information specifically. I try and have a strong mix of privacy / security measures implemented where I can but, sometimes life forces me to take a more convenient option.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will look into it.