Whats your opinion of DropBox? Any good regarding privacy?

I heard they do have E2EE, but they hold the encryption keys, so this is just not good in a security/privacy POV.

There are better options.


Proton Drive, Tresorit, Peergos (which will be soon recommended on PG), MEGA (if you still trust them), or Google Drive with Cryptomator.


Im using them in my work env (we have team subscription there) and are pretty happy with it.
Personally I use Proton Drive; excellent service but pretty limited (500GB is quite not enough for me)

Tresorit has 1TB and 4TB plans but it’s too much pricey.

Maby Pricing - Koofr is an option with Max 20TB.


That’s also a good option to see.

20TB is waay too much for me, but 1TB for 10 euro monthly (its only 120 euro/yearly) seems very much OK for me :slight_smile:


I’ve been using pcloud service about 2 years now and I have crypto folder for my personal stuff and I have the only key not even pcloud has access ,and they have a virtual drive access on you’re Device …I only have a 500GB space thats good enough for me…

Applying zero-knowledge privacy means that neither we, as a service provider, nor any authority or service, will ever have access to your files.

pcloud is not a good choice when it comes to privacy. And by paying extra for E2EE folder, they are not so competitive with other mentioned solutions. It is basically dropbox with cryptomator.

For people who need features that popular cloud storage providers offer, and good E2EE don’t (office docs, integrations, various apps…) I would rather recommend hosted Nextcloud and Cryptomator (for more private stuff), than relying on some pcloud or onedrive secure vaults. And for Windows and MacOS users, Mountain Duck integrates it seamlessly

Pcloud scan file signatures to check that uploaded content complies with terms of use. There are plenty of examples on reddit :
What’s more, account deletion is immediate, without any warning.

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Just use cryptomator with Dropbox and you’re good.


I seem to remember the dropbox client hammering the hard drive on a particular client’s machine when I had to do some work on it.

I wonder if they ever ended up fixing that.



I remember that a while ago, someone here did a fairly detailed technical review of mega and filen, particularly on cryptography, and mentioned icedrive, saying that the encryption algorithm used, twofish, was not relevant for a drive.

I’m not a cryptographer, so what are other people’s opinions on this?
I belive that twofish isn’t really common in this context.

No audits from what I can see and like a lot of these products a nice glossy website with generic snowden quote and all with a sprinkling of conspiracy.

Closed source = not secure because we can’t check what they say.

This article should help:


After 10+ years Ive just deleted my account with DropBox :100:

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Yeah Dropbox is in the dust