a good alternative to Dropbox?

Hello, I am new to using the privacy software / services.

Is a good alternative to Dropbox? It has E2EE and is based in Canada.

Thanks for any insight!

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I think it would be definitely better than Dropbox , if not the best alternative out there.
I am also curious whether it can be trusted provider or not given that it promises e2ee and all its clients.
There are not many cons that i found for its service but still important to mention that its mobile clients are not open source and there hasn’t been any kind of audit report published by throughout those years. So you will have to trust the company for implementing e2ee properly . Speed of the service was also reportedly okay. Leadership also looks fine.
I have only used it a couple of times in the past but since it didn’t had open source mobile clients i wasn’t very confident about using it as my primary cloud.
Also with proton drive making imporvements is looking even less attractive option to me now. But you can decide yourself given the factors mentioned.

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Thanks for the response!

Yes, I agree Proton Drive would be a better choice if it had a desktop application.

Proton Drive does have a desktop application now.

@enspIcIl You sure?

Yes, it is. Not available for Linux, though. This still in the works.

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