Recommend Nextcloud for self-hosted calendar sync

It seems the cloud storage page now doesn’t include Nextcloud because of the E2EE issues. But, it does include a little note saying it’s still recommended for those who can self-host.

This notice should be added to the calendar sync page, as the same E2EE issues apply there, but it is still a good option for those who can self-host.

Nextcloud is not listed under Calendar because it does not meet the criteria:

Nextcloud is only recommended for file sync (when selfhosted) due to lack of options:

You can use cryptomator to encrypt the files you sync using Nextcloud to have E2EE.

Please advise me if I am wrong but nowhere on the website it suggests you should use Nextcloud for your calendar syncing (whether selfhosted or not)

Please advise me if I am wrong but nowhere on the website it suggests you should use Nextcloud for your calendar syncing (whether selfhosted or not)

That is the point of this post

I don’t underrstand your post then. Because Nextcloud does not meet the ciriteria so it is not and it should not be recommended.

Third-party Nextcloud providers aren’t recommended because there is no E2EE. However, it is recommended for users who can self-host. This same logic should apply to Nextcloud’s calendar sync, hence this post.

I think for calendar there are good options with E2EE. Why recommend something less secure and less private? This even let alone the stability issues of nextcloud…

It’s apples and pears in my opinion. For file sync simply not many options are available that’s why I believe Nextcloud has a spot. I assume when proton drive f.x. gets sync options there is no point really in recommending Nextcloud at all. Unless they step up their game, but i doubt it.

I don’t personally use Nextcloud for calendar sync, because Proton Calendar fits my needs better. But, with that being said, I still think it should be recommended, maybe under a “self-hosted” section on the calendar page, because it is the only self-hostable option.

How is it the only option? There are many ways to self host a carddav or caldav server. Nextcloud isn’t any better, actually worse in stability.

It is not. That was badly phrased. However, there are no self-hostable options on the page currently. And, Nextcloud is recommended for its self-hostability on another page here already, and is well-regarded in the privacy community.

Precisely because of that fact, we can’t list them all. But, Nextcloud isn’t just the CalDAV and CardDAV server. They also have web apps for Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks, and GNOME (for example) allows you to add a Nextcloud server but not a CalDAV or CardDAV server (different problem, I know, but goes to show that Nextcloud is not just the same thing).

Well yeah it’s hard to argue as I am also firmly against the inclusion of Nextcloud generally. And I think self hosting probably too. It requires too much knowledge for the average Joe.

What you really do not want is that people start putting these things on public cloud and believe they are doing something good for their privacy which isn’t the case. (Because of lacking e2ee). I have seen multiple times here on the forum but also on matrix that people do this because of the recommendations. But you also do not want people to open up their consumer home routers to the internet with DMZ or port forwarding. That just is a terrible idea.

When you would do all of these above correctly I still would vote against Nextcloud because of it’s stability. There have been a fair share of data syncing issues of which quite many are still open issues. Let alone even the shitty or no existing integrations of cal and carddav.