Filecloud (self hosted cloud)

File cloud has a community edition that is free and self-hostable. Seems like an interesting alternative to Nextcloud:

There is no E2EE in the free version, but Nextcloud also does not have that.

I am still not convinced we should recommend self-hosted solutions at all, but just thought to put this out for completeness.

The amount of trackers on the website + My favorite hacker man NetworkChuck

Very good option to never consider it.

In the cloud storage category of the site? I don’t think we can put it here since one of the minimum requirements is to have E2EE which is, like you mentioned, not here.

BTW, Nextcloud is recommended as a productivity tool rather than a cloud storage here on the PG Website.

Yeah well i was in favour of removal of nextcliud (please keep that in it’s own thread Remove Nextcloud), but if this would be listed it should definitely be in the same place as Nextcloud is right now.

The only reason that for this no e2ee is accepted is because it can be self hosted. That’s also the only recommended way to use it.

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Is Filecloud open-source though? Because it’s one of the requirements for being included as a productivity tool.

That’s an interesting question. Well of course you have access to the code (else you cannot self host it) but it depends a bit on how you define open source. But regardless of definitions, I think it’s safe to assume that that requirement is set for the reason that woul want to be able to self host it.


Minimum requirements :

  • Must enforce end-to-end encryption. = :negative_squared_cross_mark:

  • Must offer a free plan or trial period for testing. = :white_check_mark:

NOTE: It has a 30-day free trial for you to test it out.

  • Must support TOTP or FIDO2 multi-factor authentication, or Passkey logins. = :white_check_mark:

NOTE: It supports Email (not recommended of course) and TOTP, though there’s no FIDO2 nor Passkey support.

  • Must offer a web interface which supports basic file management functionality. = :white_check_mark:

  • Must allow for easy exports of all files/documents. = :white_check_mark:

  • Must use standard, audited encryption. = :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Best-Case :

  • Clients should be open source. = :negative_squared_cross_mark:

  • Clients should be audited in their entirety by an independent third-party. = :negative_squared_cross_mark:

  • Should offer native clients for Linux, Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS. = :white_check_mark:

    • These clients should integrate with native OS tools for cloud storage providers, such as Files app integration on iOS, or DocumentsProvider functionality on Android. = :heavy_minus_sign:

NOTE: no information available about native OS integration on mobile.

  • Should support easy file-sharing with other users. = :white_check_mark:

  • Should offer at least basic file preview and editing functionality on the web interface. = :heavy_minus_sign:

NOTE : no info available for it.

You have copied the requirments from a different section of the website. See here the requirements for tools like this: Productivity Tools - Privacy Guides

Btw, to be clear with you, I am not sure if this should be on the website at all. I just do not see difference between Nextcloud vs Filecloud. This thread is purely for completeness, I do not endorse the use of either of these.


Got it. Since the title was ‘self-hosted cloud’ I’ve just thought it was meant to be in this cloud storage category if included.

And yes, to be honest, NextCloud and FIleCloud are kinda the same apart from the open-source side of things. I don’t think FileCloud should be included.