Is Nextcloud good for other things that drive?


I am actually Nextcloud for my main drive solution, and I am really happy with it. I am actually planning to use my calendar the efficient way, and I am currently on Google Calendar.

Before getting blocked with my calendar because I want to plan a lot of things which I guess will be hard to move to an other platform later, I wanted to think it twice before going by default to Google Calendar.

As I am using Nextcloud for my drive, I thought the Agenda of the Nextcloud suite might be a good idea, but I have no idea if it is a good solution or not.

Can I go safely with it as it can be my go-to solution for the next years, or should I consider an other privacy friendly alternative, which will have better features ?

PS : I am also curious about the other solutions proposed by Nextcloud, are they great enough, or is Nextcloud only nice for Drive and I should consider much better options elsewhere ?

To my knowledge, Nextcloud does not have a reliable E2EE implementation, meaning that the only true way to use Nextcloud privately is if you self-host it. As for the calendar and other functions of Nextcloud, I would assume that they aren’t E2EE either, so I would recommend caution about using these services with non-self-hosted Nextcloud instances.


To be honest I didn’t even know it, I’ve should have been more cautious. Thanks, :grin:

The other things mostly work just fine. But Nextcloud only if you self-host it on hardware you physically own and have inside your residence. But again I have used their calendars, contacts etc. and you can sync them with everything, there’s also stuff like unifiedpush provider via nextcloud, video conferences, a lot of stuff that comes in quite handy. I never had any issues with the features/extensions that I tried out.

Probably not. Unless you like thinkering and fixing stability issues and disappearing data. But that’s not unique to just the calendar unfortunately.