Add Proton Drive to "File Sharing and Sync" Page

I have started using Proton Drive for syncing files (namely, my obsidian vault) between devices, and I have found it much more reliable than Syncthing, given that it can sync without both devices being on at once to establish a connection.

Is there any reason for it not to be recommended in this section of the site?

It should be fine for convenience sake but I’m a bit uncomfortable with them doing a lot. Its an all eggs on one basket kind of situation.

A theoretical scenario: Swiss government declares Proton unlawful, all your services could suddenly disappear as well. The same goes for all other accounts.


The all eggs in one basket critique only applies to users that rely on many of Proton’s services. For me, Proton Drive is the only service I use from them, so I’m not too worried about it. Also, given that the use-case this section of the site would propose/imply, data loss wouldn’t be a concern since it’s being used for syncing rather than file storage. The most recent version of all files would always be stored on at least one device that Proton is syncing from, so all that is lost in a worst case scenario is syncing capabilities. All you’d need to do is move over to a different provider in that event.

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It won’t be added to this section of the site, because our file sync recommendations are for non-cloud software which syncs files directly between devices you own without third-party intermediaries.

Minimum Requirements

  • Must not require a third-party remote/cloud server.

I do think it’s kind of implied that if you want a cloud-based solution, then the clients provided by any of our recommended cloud storage providers are fine though. So the use-case you’re describing is 100% already “recommended” by us, yes.

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