E2EE cloud storage provider that accepts Monero (XMR) or client side dragdrop encryption?


I’m looking for a privacy focused E2EE cloud storage provider that accepts XMR (Monero). Something like Proton or Filen but that will accept Monero as payment.

Or, alternatively, something like Cryptomater but will automatically encrypt. Because, if I’m understanding it right, with Cryptomater you have to unlock the directory in question, then put your files in it, then lock it before letting it sync to a cloud service provider. I mean it’s do-able but if there’s software that doesn’t require unlocking/add files/relocking/uploading and just lets me add files into a watched directory that encrypts new files added to it automatically that’d be equally great.

I do use self-hosted NextCloud but the lack of functional encryption concerns me about putting sensitive stuff on there.

Recommendations and/or advice much appreciated.

This is how Cryptomator works.

It does?

So If I create a directory within my NextCloud syncing directory which I then encrypt with Cryptomater and then lock, I can then just drag and drop or copy and paste directories and files straight into that Cryptomater encrypted directory without having to unlock it first?

Because that would be great.

No, when you unlock your Cryptomator vault it creates a virtual drive on your computer, and that’s what you drag files into, you don’t drag files into the Cryptomator vault folder inside your Nextcloud folder. I’m saying you don’t have to manually lock Cryptomator to encrypt your files, when they’re in the Cryptomator virtual drive they’re encrypted.

But you have to unlock the directory in order to mount that drive though right?