Cryptomater question: are encrypted files searchable if uploaded to OneDrive, Google Drive, etc?

I am looking at using cryptomater to encrypt some personal, financial, and work related documents and then upload to OneDrive Vault. Currently when I go to the OneDrive Vault I can search for terms to find the document I am looking for. If you use a service like cryptomater and the files are encrypted before they get to the cloud service, I assume the cloud service can’t search for terms since it technically can’t see the contents of the files. Is this accurate? Are you able to name the files before encryption and then search by file name after encryption?

I apologize if this is an obvious answer that I am just overlooking, I am a privacy rookie.

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Right, everything would be hidden from the cloud provider.

Basically if you want web-based functionality like search, document collaboration, etc. you shouldn’t be looking at cloud storage providers, you should be looking at productivity suites:


If you want encryption, it is more desirable for medium to long term storage or for online archival purposes/backup.

For frequently accessed files/documents, consider a local only self hosted service (with full disk encryption of course).

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I think you can use a veracrypt mount in the cloud. Your files should be searchable locally if you mount it. You can have some simple search capabilities especially if you store them or put tags in the filename itself and have a sane folder system in place.

One downside I can think of is that the system is inefficient and causes you do download the whole thing instead of just the files you need. This is doable if the total file size is reasonably small and you have a fast connection. You can split the veracrypt into smaller chunks but you have to have a good way of separating files in your system.

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I think it is possible to open the cryptomator vault directly from the cloud and search for files in the newly mounted network drive


In mobile version, you coud connect directly to cloud provider. On PC, you could only connect it via WebDAV, but I think it would be quite slow.

The best way is to sync encrypted cloud folder to local drive and forget about usage in cloud directly (browsers). Basically, Cryptomator enables you to sync encrypted files via standard cloud services.
But there is also Mountain Duck, which uses cryptomator and behaves like standard clients. I haven’t used it much, but I think it might be something OP is looking for (searh files that are not synced to local drive). Too bad there is no linux version

But Cryptomator is also good if you don’t have full disk encryption, and other options are not available (e.g. on Steam Deck)

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Too bad there is no linux version

For linux rclone crypt is great, works on other platforms as well. Can mount cloud storage to a local folder with the rclone mount command. Theres a bunch of gui’s for it, but if you want something which is a mountain duck alternative, rclonetray is useful.