Add Newsflash for 'News Aggregators'

Newsflash is a privacy-friendly, beautiful, simple and easy to use RSS/Atom reader/News Aggregator for Linux. It is only available as a Flatpak.

It has the ability to connect to NextCloud News or Inoreader to get all your feeds in the app, but it can be used offline. Not only that as it has a very beautiful GTK4 interface.

Flathub link to download :

GitLab :

I use NewsFlash daily and I absolutely love it, this would be a great replacement for GNOME Feeds in the recommendations.

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I did make a PR, but all Netlify checks for adding the NewsFlash .png file just failed

Looks like Reeder for macOS :heart:

I fixed the Netlify problem.

Any updates on that? @team

Can it be added?

Great. Better than GNOME Feeds.

@dngray News Aggregators - Privacy Guides GNOME Feeds website seems dead and last updated 10 months ago.

This is something that needs review, I haven’t personally had the time to do it but will look at this week.

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So had a bit of a look at it just now, there’s a few things I dislike about this over gfeeds.

The first being can’t seem to select any text, which is quite unusual for a program which displays text. The second being that Gfeeds has the ability to block javascript and advertising.

On the positive side I think newsflash’s display of folders is better, and and introduction re adding an RSS service and introductory/discovery pages.

People could argue though as there is no way to block adverts, or javascript from running gfeeds might be better for privacy.

Your point about gfeeds not really being maintained though is valid. I wish there was a clear winner.

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There’s an option to enable it

Preferences → Views → Article View → Allow selection

Idk much about the ad blocking features but fluent reader seems to also lack it

RSS Guard seems to support adblocking Built-in Web Browser & AdBlock — RSS Guard documentation and javascript disabled in their lite version which had an addition request open here RSS Guard. But I didn’t understand what @SkewedZeppelin meant by “Eh, I was expecting some security focus by the name, but no it looks like the opposite.”

For the AdBlock/JS thing, it shouldn’t be necessary to have this feature in NewsFlash because in my knowledge, it doesn’t have the capability of browsing the website’s article directly from NewsFlash with a built-in web browser, you only get the raw RSS content and their thumbnails. Whereas GNOME feeds and RSS Guard does have AdBlock/No-JS features because they have built-in browsers that people would use to browse their articles without having 20 ads.

On that note, the certificate for their website seems to be expired since November 2023.

Ah yes, that’s it. Not sure how I missed that (I did look in there). It’s a strange default to have.

Yeah now I totally see that. If I’m being honest I prefer newsflash in this regard because it will filter more of the article. If people open the article that’s probably better done by their regular browser.

People who use RSS are generally only interested in the text and images.

Would support replacement then especially with the lack of commits to gfeed.

There are pretty recent commits from 1 to 6 months, but these are only for updating translations.

Speaking of replacement, this should be another topic on this forum and another associated PR.

There is already a PR opened for that #2374.

There is no point having both and Newsflash is arguably better. We won’t likely need any further discussion about gfeeds.

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