Suggestions for News Aggregation Page

Perhaps the Social Media RSS section in the News Aggregator page could use some clarification. In particular, the section regarding Reddit feeds says this:

At least for me, this confused me a little since just replacing the subreddit name causes errors. (Screenshot taken on Fluent Reader)

I don’t know if the curly brackets ({}) were used to avoid making the example an actual link, but perhaps it may be better to say that one should also get rid of them also to make the link work. For instance, the section on Youtube RSS says to get rid of " [CHANNEL ID]", both the word and the brackets.

Just as another minor suggestion, the current link used as an example makes the resulting feed retrieve new posts on the subreddit. It’s not too big of a deal, but perhaps a blurb or something can point out how that part of the link can change how your subreddit feed works, since at least for me, I’ve been mostly browsing subreddits on the “hot” or “top” category (unless that’s not how Reddit RSS works, i’m very new to it).

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I think that’s something to be fixed.

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Yeah, it should be fixed to match the YouTube example’s syntax.


@jonah So, if I understand correctly, The Reddit RSS link should use the brackets
[ ] instead of the curly ones? {}. I’m asking this because I’m working on a PR for this.

like [SUBREDDIT] instead of {{ subreddit_name }} yes

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