RSS issue with multiple posts

For some reason when I put this Discussion into any RSS feed, it shows some of the posts repeatedly.

Anyone else has this issue? Could it be fixed somehow?

I’m assuming you’re using the feed? It includes comments. So even though the titles are the same, each item represents a different comment in the same thread.

If you just want new topics posted (without comments), you can use

I only know all of this because I work for and RSS feeds are my life these days lol.


You can add .rss to the end of basically any URL on this site to get an RSS feed of whatever you’re looking at. to follow the latest topics, to follow a category, to follow a thread, to follow a user,
etc., etc.

(this also works for .json)


One thing that Discourse has been missing is RSS feeds for searches. I’m testing this out now using Open RSS feed:

I’ve made some assumptions, one being that all results will always show chronologically with latest first (regardless of relevance). But could use some more feedback.