Is there anyway to get an RSS feed for the Privacy Guides GitHub's releases page?

A while ago I asked how I could see how I can keep up with what tools Privacy Guides recommends, because tools may be added or removed, or advice may change. I found this page: Releases · privacyguides/ · GitHub, which is exactly what I was looking for. So, can I get an RSS feed for it? An RSS feed for the Knowledge Base would be amazing too, if possible.

For any github releases page you can append .atom to the end of the URL to get an atom feed (which you can put into an RSS reader, in the same way you’d put any other RSS link)

The caveat is that you get all items in the releases page, which for some projects will include pre-releases; PrivacyGuides’ releases page only has full releases on it so you’re fine


Thanks so much, legend!

Are there anyways to get RSS updates on the knowledge base?

All changes there are in the changelog on the release page.

Openrss also provides a lot of Github RSS feeds, many of which GitHub doesnt even provide (e.g. pull requests and issue threads, tags, branches, etc)