News Aggregators rework

I decided to make this post to track all improvements that I could find related to News Aggregators page.

Replacing GNOME Feeds which seems to be unmaintained anymore with Newsflash.

Fix syntax formatting for the Examples.

Lastly, not really a problem but something to keep in mind, Feeder closed their issues tracker on Github. And suggests using built-in button “Send a bug report”. Which isn’t great if other users are facing the same issues.


Definitely things we should keep an eye on these :+1:

@dngray Should be GitHub - yang991178/fluent-reader-lite: Simplistic mobile RSS client built with Flutter mentioned too? in Fluent reader.

This LITE version sucks as :

  • No Local RSS support

  • No Import/Export of OPML files.

So, no, we shouldn’t add it.