Change link to Nitter instances in News Aggregators page

I’m not sure if this suggestion belongs in this recent topic since the suggestions proposed there were already approved.

Affected page


The link to Nitter instances in this section does not include information about which instances support RSS.

Not all of them support RSS. Notably, the official instance does not support RSS, per this comment by the Nitter maintainer.

Since this link is housed in a page all about RSS, it makes more sense to link to a site that readily displays this information.


I propose replacing the current link (Instances · zedeus/nitter Wiki · GitHub) with this one: This site is also listed in the aforementioned GitHub page as ‘nitter-status’ under the “Third-party Nitter services” heading.


Don’t worry, it doesn’t belong to it.

Speaking of your proposed change, the actual status website you linked is actually superior to the official one.