Move or Remove FreedomBox

I think FreedomBox needs to be moved off of File Sharing and Sync - Privacy Guides and either put on a new “Server OS” category or removed entirely. It just doesn’t make sense where it is as-is.

I think recommending server operating systems has been suggested before but I can’t find the discussion, but it might make sense given the number of things we recommend self-hosting.

Yes it was never really supposed to be there, the plan was to move it to the Hardware page.

Its a nice idea for people wanting to dip their feet in self hosting internally on their LAN inexpensively.

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I just came across it while creating criteria for that page, the hardware page is fine. I would say it still might be worth considering a server OS page instead if there are other easy-to-use systems like it though. Yunohost for example could be worth consideration? Sandstorm?

Yeah possibly, could mention that there.