A new Windows Guide in 2024

PG is one of the best communities I’ve come across. As a community member and privacy enthusiast, I’ve noticed that PG lacks a guide for Windows. The existing PRs are somewhat outdated and lack much-needed content, so I’ve resubmitted a modern Windows PR. My PR is somewhat lacking as genuine advice, especially in terms of language style and explanations of specific suggestions. Any help is welcome!

I feel like you should take more from og pr:

i disagree that it is “outdated”, most of it looks fine to me

That one is being merged into a new Windows Guide in 2024 by oppressor1761 · Pull Request #2452 · privacyguides/privacyguides.org · GitHub then will be reviewed.

We certainly do need one, so :heart: to all the contributors who’ve worked on that.

Also see the other thread for discussion 'Hardening' Windows.