Opinions about privacy-oriented hardware

Basically, I would like to know what the PrivacyGuides team thinks about some laptops that seem to have been created to protect privacy, such as the Librem 14 from Purism or the new Starfighter from Starlabs Systems.
I’d rather like to know what brands or hardware of PCs or laptops they recommend that are oriented to the privacy and security of their users (apart from, I guess, building your own PC or trying to build some Open-Source Hardware, although the latter is very rare).


Recommended hardware is something that’s been on our radar for a while. Honestly though, I personally think that hardware is going to be one of the least important decisions you make when it comes to your privacy. Some can be worse than others, but generally speaking if you buy something that works with the software you want to use that’s probably the best way to go. Your OS and software choices are generally going to be significantly more impactful.

I can’t in good conscience recommend any Purism products given how badly they tend to botch things up, I don’t believe they are doing anything beneficial in this space. Starlabs looks interesting, and I haven’t really looked into them too much before, unfortunately I don’t have $1000 laying around to drop on a StarBook Mk VI or something, or I’d get one to test it out.

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Well, I don’t at the moment, because I don’t have the economic capacity for it, nor the real need to do it, but in the future I do plan to divide my personal and public activity, even at the hardware level, so I will probably buy one of these computers. By that time, if you want, I will open a new thread, or I will answer this one, updating the information and telling my experience, that even if it is anecdotal and it is true that the software is the important part to take into account, it can be useful for those who like me are interested in making this division of online activity.