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randomly came across this service and I really like how this is for a news reader service. it pulls articles from the websites and newsletters you subscribe to but also pulls articles from reddit and twitter. I’m not the best at understanding privacy policies and if a service is good privacy wise so putting it out as a suggestion. considering the fact that you have to connect your reddit and twitter accounts to pull articles from there, they might have access to quite a lot of your data ig.

I don’t think that Feedly is a good adition to Privacy Guides for several reasons.

The Feedly Android app has currently 0 trackers and 5 permissions in version 90.0.5, according to this exodus report, but it previously had trackers and more permissions ( at leats until version 85.0.3 from June 2022, 6 trackers and 13 permissions in that specific version according to this Exodus report. It is a solid improvemment, but it is still worth knowing.

As for the website, the Blacklight privacy test, built by The Markup, shows that the website uses ad trackers, third-party cookies and canva fingerprintting, at leats in the USA while using a mobile device, the device and location choosen in the test’s configuration.

Also, Feedly apps are proprietary, even thought Feedly has a GitHub account, as what is publicly available there doesn’t seem to be Feedly’s apps source code (at least not the full source code).

I could evaluate other things like the service privacy policy or the overall reputation of the Feedly company and services, but I don’t have time now, maybe later I return here with more insights, or maybe not.

How does this differ from already existing news readers recommended on PG?

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i’m not sure but from what i know the current recommendations don’t have the functionality to pull data from reddit and twitter too

granted, nitter is dead…

I did see the exodus report and that’s why I went forward with this post since I saw that there was quite a lot of improvement and how many trackers had decreased over time. I did not know about blacklight website, thanks for that

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ohh shi- mb I did not know about that