RSS reader recomendation

Hello, I’ve been using the thunderbird RSS reader for the last couple years, but recently I’m looking for another reader that allows syncing.

Which would you recommend?

Raven Reader looks nice and seems to be compatible with Linux and Android

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Privacy Guides has a list of recommended RSS reader software News Aggregators - Privacy Guides

Personally, I self-host Tiny Tiny RSS and enjoy it.

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On iOS I use Reeder. It’s not a service, just a nice client that you can use with many services.

Oh, interesting. I have been using NetNewsWire.
I am curious, tho, what do you mean by “you can use with many services”.

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Reeder can be the front-end for: Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler, FeedHQ, NewsBlur, The Old Reader, Inoreader, BazQux Reader, FreshRSS, Instapaper and Pocket.

Plus locally stored feeds on your phones. And self hosted options Fresh RSS and Reader.

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Tiny tiny rss seems to be exactly what i’m looking for, gonna try it
Thanks :slight_smile:

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I use Thunderbird on PC but its very sluggish.

why is QuiteRSS not even mentioned here? it’s better than Fluent Reader. Fluent Reader only looks good

I really like Fluent Reader, one of the readers recommended by PG. Works great and is easy to configure.

Newsblur is real good, and its open source, so you can self host it.

Feedbin and Newsblur look to be polished apps that were mentioned

NylaTheWolf Jun 19, 2022
Both Feedbin and Newsblur are open-source RSS readers and I think they would fit perfectly on here. I use both and I really like them.

Feedbin is a paid service for $5 a month or $50 a year. It’s web-based but plenty of RSS clients like NetNewsWire or Reeder support it. I know some people have tried self-hosting it, and someone made a Docker version of it, but the dev explicitly says on the Github page that he wouldn’t recommend it. It’s a very nice reader, though, and the API is fantastic. Support is great too! There is an iOS app but it hasn’t been updated in a while. It does run quite well on mobile in the browser.

Newsblur is a freemium service. The premium version is $36 a year and offers extra features like search, Twitter and Reddit support, unlimited feeds, and viewing saved stories under a tag. It’s web-based but also has an iOS/iPad and Android app. I know the iOS app gets updated fairly often. Like with Feedbin, it’s supported by other RSS clients including the aforementioned NNW and Reeder. The Github Read Me page has a lot of information on how to self-host Newsblur.

I think both of these apps deserve a spot on Privacy Guides. What do you think?

These might be worth testing, particularly if we get started on:

I subscribe to RSS feeds using Brave News. But it’s not a reader and still unable to sync across devices, see issue #23054.

If I need an RSS reader, NewsFlash seems to be the most promising one (I like the UI). On Android, Read You would be my choice.

Edit: It seems both NewsFlash and Read You can sync through Fever, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Edit2: They can’t be sync together, as Fever sync is deprecated in Read You, I just tried it. FreshRSS sync is planned in Read You, but the option is not selectable yet.

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I use Inoreader which syncs across devices. Feedbin does it too I think. OpenRSS has a page that recommends RSS readers in a comparison table.

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If you don’t want to go the self hosting route then I highly recommend Newsblur. Sync for a low price and is open source. I think it would make a good option for someone that just wants a one click solution to RSS feeds.

I know this will be a controversial pick but Brave News allows adding RSS feeds and it does sync with the Brave Sync feature. I used to use them for just local news.

Sync in Read You has been planned for a decade. Really hope it will ever see the light or to find a better alternative. The app self is amazing.