QuiteRSS (News Aggregator)

Why not?
It is a superb RSS Feeder.
Easy filtering.
SOCKS5 support (if you use a vpn)
Lacking in proper image viewing. but, not who needs that with RSS feeds?
opt-out javascript/cookies

  • Embedded Browser
  • Feed and news filters
  • User labels
  • User filters
  • Theme options (Dark/others)
  • Ability to customize fonts and colors
  • System tray icon support
  • Proxy configuration (optional)
  • Feed import wizard
  • Automatic update feed on startup
  • Mark/Unmark
  • Import/Export feeds (OPML files)
  • Pop up notification on updates
  • Sound notification support
  • Quick news filter
  • Quick search feature
  • Cross-platform
  • Portable version (Windows)

How does this compare to Thunderbird

what do you even use a feed reader for?
if thunderbird suits your usecase and you’re fine with it, go ahead.

quiterss has filter/labels capabilities, thunderbird doesn’t.

if you want to know more about its features then install it and fiddle with it.

Thats not true I can filter and categorize feeds by certain words with thunderbird without issues. It works by using virtual folders.

quiterss has filter/labels capabilities, thunderbird doesn’t.

i got this one wrong then. though, i tried those virtual folders and that’s what i call a poor design, utterly awful.
i think you should give a try to a proper rss feeder like tt-rss

I totally agree with the design, but theres a major update planned which is coming soon

and what does that major update include? source links pls?

I don’t think this is really maintained anymore. Last releases were early 2020.

Not seeing any code changes to the master branch since December 2021.

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