RSS Guard

RSS Guard is a news feed reader, written in C++ and Qt.

It supports many feed formats, such as:

  • ATOM
  • JSON (1.x)
  • RSS (0.x, 1.x, 2.x)

It also supports many web-based feed services, including:

  • Feedly
  • Gmail
  • Google Reader API (Bazqux, FreshRSS, Inoreader, Miniflux, Reedah, The Old Reader, etc.)
  • Next Cloud News
  • Tiny Tiny RSS

They have another variant called Lite.

Lite package with simple text-based article viewer: This variant displays article in a much simpler and much more lightweight web viewer component. All packages of this variant have lite keyword in their names. This flavor of RSS Guard does NOT have a JavaScript support and is meant for people who value their privacy. Also, it offers more limited media player.

Eh, I was expecting some security focus by the name, but no it looks like the opposite.


Would you mind elaborating? Not that I doubt you, just that I found this project interesting (especially considering Fluent Reader’s UI which I can’t stand) and would like to be aware of its shortcomings.