SimpleLogin taking back free send feature (reply remaining)

SimpleLogin, one of the most popular email alias tool stops support for free send email feature (old accounts (before implementation date) will not (as they claims) be affected).

This is link to commit

And this is link to negative official discussion about this

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What exactly does that mean, that we won’t be able to receive any mail if we don’t pay?

As I understand, only initiating emails will be paid (reply and receive will not change).

If you want to help to change this you can try to ask them to revert it (hi[at]

To be honest I don’t think that’s an unfair change at all. There is still plenty of functionality in the free tier, and I don’t see a problem with their fair pricing and generous discounts.

Receiving and replying is still entirely free, which is all the majority (I would assume) need, especially if one is just using a free account anyways.

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It sounds like they are just stopping free users from using the reverse-alias feature. Where you can send an email through your alias email to another email address, so to mask your actual email. This is useful if you need to respond to some sort of support email from a service that is attached to an alias email.

This seems like an obvious choice as a feature to move to premium. I don’t really see the big deal.

This also follows Protons standard operating procedure of taking popular free options and making them premium options. This will then be followed by bundling popular premium options to force users to pay for multiple things they don’t need to use the feature they like. Then they will trick their most loyal fans into overpaying by creating “visionary” bundles which are just beta features they will overcharge you to test for them. Followed by users trying to explain to you how its totally not predatory to charge users 30+/month to beta test for them.

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I hope Proton won’t sacrifice other features to make them chargeable and, above all, increase the price of SimpleLogin and the Proton subscription in general.

No, you should still be able to reply to an email from that alias. What is being removed is the ability to send an email from SimpleLogin to a new email address which has never emailed you before.


Oh thats confusing.

Just to make sure I am understanding, as long as the free user is emailed beforehand they can respond via the alias but cannot make a new contact and create a reverse alias?

That’s correct.

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Same here :slight_smile:

Especially given 10 aliases per free account limit

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