Mailo mail (and postskiff-syndrome situation)


Does anyone here have an opinion on

I am again in the middle of nowhere: my needs, and the solutions do not match. I am in a “post-skiff” situation.
After using one mail address, through several no-name ones, through several big ones (outlook+google), then understood simplelogin, (so migrated to that), then found skiff, what had a good combo: security on the recommended level and aliases what i really would like to use (alongside SL). It was good until…

Now i am in a dilemma, with 0 budget:

  • go back to outlook, because i liked using aliases, specially the option of the login-only alias. RIP privacy, but there is the security of the big name.
  • go to full proton/tuta-free, barbones (aliases, folders etc), but at least ok privacy.
  • any small, but not really recommended (e.g. disroot [because no account deletion policy, what is a + to me, and no only one account per user policy])
  • hopefully wait so something like , what is like a pre-release skiff now (just saw it on the post-mortem reddit of skiff) on something reasonable…
  • or go for a feature rich, almost like google/outlook, but at least not them, and enjoy the functionality, what would be the title sercive.

I have (or will soon) read all of the ToS-s, and privacy policies, (+result of searches about the smaller ones here), and to be honest i am lost.
Accept the limits of my aown cheapness, or ignore everithing what feels right? Risk the no name (again?), or go for the big fish…

I know, i could go with private domain too, but i am not there yet in self confidence + in the last 1-2 year, i migrated everithing 2-3 times at least (individual to free-simplelogin, free to paid, so now everithing is aliased) and i was in the middle of a “yeah, i feel home, so delete the carried and still kept rest”, when skiff sunk as it did, so i am not motivated to really change everithing again. Also, i have no real “email friends” so while i know tuta, proton, skiff, or even PGP have their own benefits, i defenetly would not use this for a while as “function of the service”.
(thankfully i kept everithing on SL… i basicly only need a bin for that’s endpoint with some filters/folders, and aliases in case of emergency).

Any info helps! Thanks!

I use Disroot for years, as my main provider, it even was recommended on PG before. I also have other different mail providers, I use Fairemail to read mail, so no interest in Proton/Tuta/Skiff, they are not real email. Email itself really changed, all important conversations moved to messengers, I even forgot when I needed PGP. I used to archive messages, now I prefer to delete all that shit, no worries about data, if there is no data (so it is important for me, when message is deleted it should be deleted, not stored for 2 weeks in backups…).

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Exactly, only I use K-9 btw.

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