Custom Domain + PurelyMail

First post here. A year or so ago I purchased a domain and have been using PurelyMail for the email service as it allows the use of Custom Domains.

Anybody here have any thoughts on PurelyMail? Is it secure? Trustworthy? Etc.

I have had no issues with the service and it has all the features expected from an email service, so I’m mainly just asking about Privacy/Security concerns.

With a glance at their privacy policy and security documentation, there isn’t anything glaringly wrong with this provider. That said, they could do more to reassure me. As far as I can tell, they aren’t open source at all, and they haven’t undergone any third party security audits, so there isn’t any way to verify their claims or evaluate their practices.

As much as it should be avoided over email as a platform, some of my email’s contents inevitability include sensitive information, so verification or reassurance of my data security is something that would be important to me. Personally, I would opt for one of the better known and more reputable providers such as the ones listen on PrivacyGuides. Also, PurelyMail seems pretty small at the moment, so I’d be hesitant to attach part of my digital identity to a service I’m not confident will stand the test of time, even if using a custom domain allows you to move on somewhat easily.

If using your custom domain is your main concern, you can find that on any of the recommendations here. Closest to the price of PurelyMail, you can use a custom domain with Skiff for free, or with Tutanota for 12€ yearly, and you’d also find yourself with additional features and more polished UI. At the end of the day it’s your decision based off your threat model what you’re looking for. Those are just my thoughts on the matter.


Tuta(nota) has removed the €12 plan quite a while back.

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Ah yes I had forgotten. They are also Tuta now haha. Thank you for the reminder

Quite a terrible idea to rely on a company like this. It’s a one man show.
What are you going to do when he is ill and the server is down or there is a bad vulnerability?

Also this provider runs entirely on AWS cloud. Does that fit what you are looking for?


I am new to PrivacyGuides so these are not things I took into consideration previously. Now that I have a better idea of what things to look for I am noticing that PurelyMail is not ranked high in regards to some of the standard criteria used on PrivacyGuides.

I appreciate the input and comments.

No worries man, we all started somewhere :slight_smile: Don’t be afraid to ask questions.