SimpleLogin SAS (FR) becomes Proton AG (CH)

SimpleLogin moves legally to Switzerland now officially and merged with Proton.


I am expecting that SimpleLogin with disappear eventually and just will be a part of the functionality of Proton Pass, which does make a lot of sense.


Nothing about the service you receive will change. The app, the payments, everything will remain the same.

I’m curious to know if, further down the line, anything will happen to the domain that they provide for aliases.

I am not worried about that. They will just keep those aliases alive. Not sure why you question this? You can already create aliases with this address from pass.

I’ll be just fine without Simple Login IF they can somehow incorporate all of the functionalities, metrics and so on on Proton Pass.

I mean, I predict that this will happen slowly. I am mainly hoping for an extended Login with Proton Pass to be replacing login with simplelogin.


I believe they’ve stated a few times that they intend to keep the two services separate. When talking to SL support for an unrelated reason, they seemed to be clesr that pass will maintain its simple alias functionality while SL will always be there for users looking for more advanced features.

Personally I think the two will remain separate products, however only time will tell I suppose.


I know, I have seen that too, but I doubt that will be what they are actually will do eventually. It’s probably more said to keep everyone calm for now while slowly more and more functionality will move into pass. Nothing bad per se.

I super de duper hope they keep SL and pass exclusive from each other (or at least maintain SL manageability without pass). Some of us aren’t on the pass bandwagon but use SL heavily. I really like the SL UI and forcing me to use pass to use and manage my aliases would end up being a deal breaker for me.