I am on my way to switch from Gmail to ProtonMail

I am about to make this change and I have a question that arose from seeing how people organize their aliases/hide-emails.

Many people use an alias for each service they use. And I would like to know if they should also be used for security services: SimpleLogin (Not account-linking, creation) Authy, Bitwarden.
Or is it safe to put my ‘ProtonMail main email’?

Sorry if this is a silly question, I’m just starting out in this privacy thing.

Additional, If you could leave some tips for using ProtonMail + SimpleLogin, I would be very grateful!


I’m not sure what you mean by “security services,” but I can say that I don’t use my Proton email anywhere, only SL aliases.


I was talking about SL, Authy, Bitwarden

Silly question:
Do you also use an alias in SL?
or how you created your SL account and keep your email ‘hidden’.
(Idk if paying Proton Unlimited automatically associates your account with SL).

You can’t use an alias for signing up for Simplelogin. Atleast you can’t use a SL alias for signing up to another SL account.
In this case you have to trust simplelogin , for keeping your data safe. Btw you also trust it with your emails unless they are pgp encrypted.
Since now it is being owned by proton , it shouldn’t really matter whether you provide your true primarily email or not.
Adding another email service in between would just expose your emails to another 3rd party.


I think you are possibly overthinking this.

SL and Proton are the same company. And if you are a Proton Unlimited subscriber you are already implicitly putting some trust in them.

Can you be more clear about what you are trying to hide and from who?

Are you hoping to hide the fact that you are using Proton from SL? Or SL from Proton? or are you worried about 3rd parties?

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Now I understand.
As I said I had that doubt because many people said they used the ‘aliases’ in ALL services and I didn’t know if it could be used in SL.
thanks! :smiley:

Sorry bro :frowning:
I was just trying to find out if it was possible to use an alias in SL.
I am informed that SL and Proton are the same company but I have seen a lot of ‘paranoid’ people and that’s why my doubts.

And something like that: if something from ‘SL’ were to be leaked, I would not like it to be known that I use the same email for ProtonMail and vice versa. And also hide from 3rd parties.

But no matter, I guess I’m already taking a big step by almost completely eliminating Gmail and using ProtonMail + SL.

Others have spoken on PM + SimpleLogin, but I’d like to chime in on Bitwarden.

The way I view it is I am already putting the highest degree of trust in Bw by giving them all of my logins for every site I use. I think adding my primary email to the pile is of little significance over all when I am already trusting them to keep the keys to the rest of my digital life secure.

As for Authy, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to use an alias, though I don’t use a universal auth app myself.

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From what I understand, the lead dev of SL is the lead dev for ProtonPass as well (not hard to imagine considering they use the same architecture for their aliases). I’d say it’s safe to assume the companies are well managed and integrated, and any further speculation is, as you say, paranoid.

I took a tip from reddit about Bitwarden, it is not to save the full password i.e: Facebook204852 (generated by Bw) + Bee2023 (your passphrase to add) Full password: Facebook204852Bee2023.
My passwords are a minimum of 64 characters and I add the same 6 character phrase at the end of all of them.

For many people it will seem silly but I see many others implementing it as a plus in the security of their saved passwords.

You should probably put it at the beginning of your passwords to avoid this problem:

Although technically there’s no reason websites can’t work around this, it’s still not uncommon for some websites to silently truncate your passwords, depending on the hashing function they use.


I didn’t know that, you learn something new every day.
Now I will do it this way.

Thank you Jonah!



  • login to your Proton account,
  • click on your name (upper right screen corner > settings),
  • click on Import via Easy Switch on lefthand sidepanel.
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Never use Authy. It is tied to your number and have major leaks (proof). Authy does NOT use E2EE so they can see your 2FA tokens.

Instead consider using Aegis, Proton Pass, FreeOTP (they are all open source, first two uses E2EE)

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I beleive that PG recommends either Aegis, or Ente Auth