ProtonPass Aliases vs SimpleLogin

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I’d like to know what the difference is with alias generation between these two services, I’ve always used SL before PP bought it and I’d like to know if it’s better to switch to one or stay on the other?

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they are the same. its still simplelogin.

Okay, so there’s no particular advantage to switching to PP, might as well stay on SL, right?

Not sure what you mean. One is a password manager one is an alias email service. They are both part of the proton suite of apps. You can have your SL account integrate with your Proton Pass which just makes things more conveneient.

When I create an alias in PP, it also appears in SL, but is it possible for my SL aliases to also be visible in PP?

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Not at the moment, unfortunately.

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But they did say that it’s coming soon (but keep in mind that ‘soon’ in proton time can mean years).

This is coming soon ™️

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its the same thing. just different domains. also protonpass is missing subdomains and directories which simplelogin has.