Proton Pass or Apple Email Aliasing Service?

Proton Pass is currently offered with 80% discount.

Is it possible to use the mail aliases in conjunction with another email provider, or only with Protonmail?

I currently use Hide my Mail and Notes from Apple along with Advanced Data Protection. I know that this is not ideal.
Would you say it would be better to use the email alias and notes feature of Proton Pass?

Protonmail uses SimpleLogin to do that, AFAIK, you can just use your own domain/email.
You just have to specify it in SimpleLogin, then it will be showned on Proton Pass.

NB: your setup is actually good, Advanced data protection is a must to do on Apple since it is e2ee.


Can confirm

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I’d say if you already have Hide My Mail then you might as well just use that and save some money. But either one works fine. I’m curious what you’re using Notes for? It’s E2EE with advanced data protection on, but Apple’s password manager also has a little notes area for each password that you can put stuff in if that’s the kind of functionality you’re looking for.

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I use Notes a lot and mainly as a knowledge database. I like the functionality of Apple Notes very much. Especially since advanced data protection was introduced. My main problem with it is that switching from Apple Notes to another note-taking software is very time-consuming and annoying.

I have tested the notes feature of Proton pass. Unfortunately it is still way too minimalistic for me. And it would become quite a mess with all the passwords and aliases. Maybe it will be more attractive when they introduce markdown and you can add pictures.

I also tried Joplin, but sync problems drove me crazy.

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Fair enough.

Like you use Advanced Data Protection, your notes are e2ee, so you do not need to change unless you want other features or so.

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