Is ProtonMail overkill for me? Should I go with iCloud email?

Hi everyone!
I’ve been a protonmail user for years and while I enjoy their mail, their Calendar offering is seriously lacking and annoying to use (I have to go to the settings of a calendar to import a single event, really?) as well as their (ios) mail application; I don’t use their VPN (or a VPN) and I use a custom domain as my address.

In short, I’m not a big-privacy user at all: I enjoy not being monetised, and everything else is a “evening things out” with corporations (which is why I tend to use FOSS softwares most of the time).

That said, I’m thinking that maybe I should use iCloud mail instead so that I have a better integration with the iOS calendar (since theirs is basically a beta), a much better mail app and overall I can integrate it with whatever client I want without losing my sweet privacy/not-being-monetised and I would save 50 bucks a year (which isn’t much tbf)
The cons are, I guess, being stuck in their environment (but not too much since I have a custom domain address) and that it’s not open source

It’s up to you, I use iCloud mail and I like how well it integrates with everything. Just be aware that Apple doesn’t store your emails with zero knowledge encryption on their servers, so they could potentially decrypt your mail. The Mail app actually does have some nice privacy features. Overall it’s a good option if you’re already invested in the Apple ecosystem I think.

Thank you!
I am semi invested: I have a desktop PC with Linux, an iPhone and a MacBook
What worries me is the possibility that I may change my mobile one day but then I could just switch to another provider or just keep the iCloud account I guess

Yeah in that case you can use iCloud mail in a browser just like other providers.

I guess I can use it with thunderbird without having to rely to tools (like Proton Bridge) right?

Haven’t tried it personally but I found this:
Seems like you can.

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