Proton Pass web (early access)

For those who did not see yet:

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Spoiler alert : only for paid customers


Have you tried it? If so, is it better than KeePassXC or Bitwarden?

Aww… i cant even see screenshits of the app as it does require login credentials…

I still havent actually seen the UI. Is it better than what we can see on their main website?

Mostly the Android app and addon, they generally works well. However, some things I still make it not usable as much for me:

  • no auto save on auto generate. If you use the proton pass addon to auto create a password it somehow does not get saved automatically. This is quite a strange situation. It doesn’t always prompt for saving because of redirects either.

  • no support for passkeys (soon ™️)

  • also a main complain is no good legacy feature, like Bitwarden’ emergency access.

It will be quite a journey but eventually I think I’ll move to it from bitwarden. That’s a matter of needing to rely on less parties, somewhat financial, and mostly just a way better UI. I highly prefer the vault structure of Bitwarden. In keepass I always kept noce folders but in bitwarden that’s a pain in the but. So I kinda lost track of that. I am planning to move manually to both change all passwords and actually put them on folders again. I probably have 1000+ so it eill take forever. Mostly I also need to move my family and friends who I share stuff with in bitwarden.

As for the web UI @HauntSanctuary it’s good. It’s exactly like the app. Semi-material design. It looks polished.


What about the export features? Whats the format looking like? IIRC Bitwarden was a bit of painful to move back to KeePassXC?

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