Proton Pass autofill does not save passwords automatically

tbh I still believe that Proton is ignoring the major problem I described (tho it’s also there in Bitwarden). This will just lead to people creating accounts, thinking that their password is safe and then get their accounts lost. Especially since we’re talking about a user-friendly password manager for average users.

Edit: Tl;dr: Proton Pass auto-suggests a password when creating an account giving the illusion that it will auto-save it, but doesn’t actually save the password nor tells you to do so.

I can totally understand how Websites not following standards could lead to this bug, but it’s been known for over 8 months with many reports on your subreddit for it. I tried Proton Pass for like 2-3 Websites I knew and it was very obvious from the beginning that some passwords were not saved.
I didn’t have one such case while using the built-in Password manager in Firefox since 6-7 years. I don’t know how Bitwarden handles this, I hope other users could give us some info if they faced such thing.
Of course it’s up to PG to decide this, but I would definitely not consider Proton Pass a password manager for the public at this point.

Here are some reddit posts about this:

Bitwarden seems to have a very similar problem. Here’s a link for the bug report, it may help.


Yeah this happens for some websites.

I just add the credentials manually to my protonpass when this happens to me. It’s annoying but I’m hopping this will improve with time.

I’m not a regular Proton Pass user, but I just downloaded it and both of these options are available. Not sure if the second one is new or just overlooked, but can you let me know if that solves this concern for you?

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