Proton Pass roadmap: 2023

Looks promising.

Desktop app: planned
Web app: planned

tags: maybe (“pinning/bookmarking”?)
folders: doesn’t look like

Password history: not planned
Attachments: not planned
Data breach monitoring: not planned

Honestly, even if they deliver 100% it still won’t justify migrating yet.


They have already implemented this.

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It’s not exactly password history, it only remembers the passwords it generated in the past 24 hours. It should remember the entire password history for each login.


The only plus that proton has is it’s amazing UI and UX. It’s simply so much easier to use than Bitwarden, despite lacking so many important features.

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Such as???

Half the features of Bitwarden…


The best selling point are the unlimited aliases. But what happens to them if I downgrade from plus to free? Simplelogin premium aliases keep working, as per their FAQ, but maybe aliases created with Proton Pass don’t (a proton pass plus subscription doesn’t include simplelogin premium, contrarily to proton unlimited).
So, since this wasn’t covered by Proton’s FAQs, I opened a ticket with the support about a week ago. They didn’t respond. I asked on twitter, and they linked me to the FAQs that do not answer my question. I saw that some people asked this on r/protonpass, and again they just linked the FAQs without answering.

These aliases will be deleted in 10 days after the Plus plan expires they told me that. They haven’t been transparent so I’m out out their ecosystem


I don’t see any reason to this over something like bitwarden if you’re on free tier. Also non-cloud password managers are heavily recommended (eg: keepassxc / keepassdx for android)

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They provide 10 email aliases. It’s great (I’m usin Bitwarden btw)

shared vaults

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