Best email combination

Hello, PG!

What do you think it is better to use:

  1. Proton (generic, never revealed address) + SimpleLogin (for everything)
  2. Proton (for communication) + Temp Mail (for anything else
  3. Proton (never reveal) + SimpleLogin + DuckDuckGo aliases

Use case:
I need to separate services from each other as much as possible. I don’t want to pay for many services so I am looking for free solutions.

P.S: DuckDuckGo aliases because SimpleLogin (as I know) doesn’t allow to have many accounts on same service with SimpleLogin aliases

Hello @November, welcome to PG :slight_smile:

Proton is excellent service, but has quite limited free tier. The thing is that Proton Unlimited plan (quite costly, but worth every cent, believe me) combines SimpleLogin Premium plan (btw, its owned by Proton) with the richest set of features available from Proton for single users.

Plus, you pay once (for Unlimited plan only), SimpleLogin Premium is included in Unlimited.

To answer you question: Id go with 1. With slight modification though: use SL for everything except banks.

Im on Proton Unlimited and thats how I use it.

On Premium plan, its allowed (or am not understanding you)


Thank you! As I see Proton Pass included too?

Exactly. Proton Unlimited includes every service Proton have in offer namely Mail, Calendar, VPN, Drive, Pass


Great! Thanks!

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Personally, I see Proton getting closer and closer to being like GG with many integrated services. I will separate email to use SimpleLogin service

Wait, what?

Please ignore my post.


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