Proton delete alliases that you created with a subscription

I was surprised to receive this mail. With Simple Login on the other hand, any created allias is fully functional for life.

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not a massive suprise. If they let you keep the extra alias’ what would be the incentive in continuing to pay for the higher tier service?

I was right to stay with SimpleLogin and not switch to PP.


Because I use one allias per website, so I always need more allias. I don’t like this policy, Simple Login has been in the business for years, and they haven’t gone bankrupt.

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Yeah, it’s not great, and people don’t seem to talk about it enough. For example, if you used Proton Pass for many years and created hundreds of email aliases but at some point decided to switch to another password manager, you would be screwed. You would have no choice but to manually change your email on every site that uses a Proton Pass alias. SimpleLogin and DuckDuckGo don’t have a similar policy, and that’s the way it should be. This is a big lock-in and a dark pattern from Proton IMO.


I agree but, Proton has a history of paywalling its popular services. So as I said before, its not a surprise.

It is odd that Proton, which owns SimpleLogin and is using that service, makes it way worse to use SimpleLogin through their service then it is to use SimpleLogin seperatly. As @Pragmatic refers to SL lets you keep all alias’ you create.

For example, if you have 100 aliases by the time your subscription ends, these 100 aliases will continue receiving and sending emails normally. You cannot however create new aliases.


Simple login might change in the fitire, co sidering their parent company has a different behaviour to a similar service.
In tje end, its not unrealistic, if you dont oay, you dont retain your alias.
If i stop paying for streaming service, my account is inacessible afterward, I dont get free stream.
Woukd you prefer a paid by alias service, like gaming stores work ? You purchase 1 alias, and its yours with no outgoing subscription. You would still have risk, lime the store closure or in the gaming industry, licensing rights lost in the sotre, that then remove the game you paid for from your account.

This applies to PP users that created “HIDE MY ALIAS” aliases and not to PM users who created all their aliases in SL.

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Yes, so far this is still the case, but this could change in the future when Proton integrates SimpleLogin even more tightly with Proton Pass. I think they have already stated that they want to synchronize the aliases between these two platforms, so we don’t know what will happen then.

Would it be feasible to subscribe to SL Premium for just 1 month (to create as many aliases as I can before my subscription expires)? Even if they integrate SL more tightly I don’t think they can “cancel” my aliases. Because they(SL) explicitly state that my already created aliases are going to work as normal.

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Yes, I don’t see a reason why this wouldn’t work. This is also confirmed in their FAQ that people have already mentioned.

Don’t forget that SL remains independent even though it belongs to Proton, so there’s still a chance that nothing will change.

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The analogy isn’t valid here. The extra cost of keeping your aliases alive is near zero.

@Encounter5729 dont quite get your suprisement here; you downgraed/your plan hasnt been renewed and so PP sent you an email stating exactly this. Your account has been downgraded to the lower tier where you can have upto 10 aliases at any given time. Normal thing (at least for me).

Want advantages of higher levels/tiers? Just resubscribe and you are good again :smile:

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They need to have business model that wont rely on telemetry and other undesirable stuff like personalized ad targetting.

We have been spoiled and made addicted by the freebies given to us by Google.

Sadly privacy isnt cheap and this is worse for the 3rd world.


i also stayed with SimpleLogin since i had it before i moved to the Proton suite. i was grabbed by their cheap pricing and the fact that we get to keep our aliases for ourselves forever. because of this, i never really used Proton aliases, even though i use Proton Pass.

i am wondering how they are different, if anyone can tell me?

I received the email but have not had a subscription at any time and have only used the free version. I also only have 9/10 aliases. However, I have other aliases in SimpleLogin and had the option to link to the proton account enabled. Do you think that is why? What should I do?

Actually I don’t care this much since I just tested Proton Pass, and I maybe have 20-30alliases.

@wojciechxtx @HauntSanctuary I understand that we have to pay, and I have no problem doing so when I financially can.

But I couldn’t pay either Proton or SL, so I canceled both. But I still can keep my accounts mail with the later.

Are you saying that if you can’t pay for a couple of months, your alliases should be permanently removed ?

I believe SL is on the forum, so they can answer you with more certainty.